Which LVT Is Better? Dryback( Glue-Down) Or Click System?


Which LVT Is Better? Dryback( Glue-Down) Or Click System?

By: Stoyan


The choice between dryback (glue-down) and click system Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) often depends on various factors, including installation preferences, the specific application, and individual needs. Here are some considerations for both types:

Dryback (Glue-Down) LVT:


  1. Stability: Dryback LVT is typically considered more stable once glued down, providing a solid and firm feel underfoot.
  2. Ideal for Large Spaces: It’s a preferred choice for larger commercial spaces or areas with heavy foot traffic where stability is crucial.
  3. Thinner Profile: Dryback LVT often has a thinner profile compared to click systems, making it suitable for installations where height restrictions are a concern.
  4. No Clicking Noise: Since there’s no clicking mechanism, dryback LVT tends to be quieter underfoot.


  1. Installation Time: Installing dryback LVT can be more time-consuming and may require professional installation due to the need for adhesive.
  2. Difficulty in Replacement: If a plank is damaged, it can be challenging to replace without professional assistance.
  3. Subfloor Requirements: The subfloor must be smooth and level for proper installation.

Click System LVT:


  1. Ease of Installation: Click system LVT is generally easier to install, making it a good option for DIY projects or those with limited installation experience.
  2. No Adhesive Needed: Click LVT doesn’t require adhesive, making the installation process cleaner and potentially faster.
  3. DIY Friendly: The click system allows for a floating installation, making it DIY-friendly without the need for specialized tools or adhesives.
  4. Replacement is Easier: If a plank gets damaged, it’s often easier to replace since the planks can be unclicked and replaced individually.


  1. Subfloor Requirements: While click systems are more forgiving of minor subfloor irregularities, a relatively smooth surface is still recommended.
  2. Slight Height Increase: Click LVT may have a slightly thicker profile due to the click system, which could be a consideration in some spaces.
  3. Less Stable: In some cases, click LVT may not feel as stable underfoot compared to glue-down options.

Which is Better?

The “better” option depends on your specific needs and circumstances. If stability, longevity, and professional installation are priorities, dryback LVT might be a better choice. On the other hand, if you prioritize ease of installation, DIY-friendliness, and the ability to replace individual planks more easily, a click system could be preferable.

Consider factors such as the location of the installation, your comfort level with DIY projects, and your preference for a glued or floating floor. It’s also essential to choose a high-quality product from a reputable manufacturer, regardless of the installation method.

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