Safety Flooring: Essence And Benefits

A casual slip on the floor could result in everything from minor discomfort to severe trauma and even death.   In fact, statistics show that around 424,000 people lose their lives after a fall every year on a global scale.   So, what can you do to prevent that from happening? Both residential and corporate property owners are now presented with a fast, easy, and accessible way to manage the problem – and it is called a safety floor.  

What is safety vinyl flooring?

Essentially, this is a specially designed ground heavy-duty covering that guarantees a sustained slip resistance lasting for the entire lifespan of the floor.   It is made of vinyl that incorporates aggregates into the wear layer so that people’s shoes could make solid contact with the floor at all times. This contact remains uninterrupted no matter the type and the amount of the contaminants accumulated on top of the floor.  

Vinyl safety flooring for public and commercial spaces

Public and commercial property owners are the primary group of people acknowledging the invaluable benefits of vinyl flooring safety. The most common accommodations to invest in this type of covering include:

  • Hospitals and care-homes facilities;
  • Pharmacies and NHS services;
  • Nurseries, schools, and universities;
  • Shopping centres and commercial areas;
  • Offices and office buildings;
  • Dental practices;
  • Commercial kitchens;
  • Take away restaurants;
  • Bakeries and cake shops;
  • Swimming pools, gyms, and dancing halls;
  • Factories, industrial plants, workshops, etc;
  • Funeral agencies;

Time and practice had proven vinyl flooring safe enough to be applied in small, medium, and large areas with different daily human flow.  

Safe vinyl flooring for domestic spaces

Residential clients are also enjoying the advantages of safe flooring in different special circumstances. Experts recommend the use of safety floors in homes with:

  • Babies, toddlers, and small children, prone to more active movements and slips during their everyday play around the house;
  • Older adults who experience different levels of reduced mobility and increased hazards when moving on slippery floors;
  • Disabled people who’d appreciate greater traction when operating their wheelchairs or auxiliary accessories;
  • Basically, anyone who’d prefer to play it safe and minimize the chances of injuring themselves while performing everyday tasks around their homes;
  • Dog owners who want to have a protected floor from the paws of man’s best friend.

As a base component of safety flooring, vinyl will ensure your beloved ones with the domestic comfort and security they deserve: regardless of their age, general health status, and concomitant conditions.  

The invaluable benefits of safety floors

Safety floors are easy to install by professionals, have a lengthy life expectancy, and easily manageable maintenance specifics.   A single installation can provide around 25 years of guaranteed slip resistance: this is an irreproachable price-quality balance and an intelligent choice for both the people and the business around the UK.   Last but not least – safety floors will help you establish a positive image as a business owner and take the best possible care of your family. And why not both?  

Installing your vinyl safety floor: Birmingham Floors

At Birmingham Floors, we only use top quality materials from Altro Safety Flooring. UK customers and residents are welcome to enjoy our services comprising of:

  • Expert planning;
  • Swift and adept installation;
  • Flexible booking arrangements;
  • Faultless professional attitude;
  • Tailored services and personalized solutions.


 All you need to do is make the call and let us handle any task, anytime, anywhere.

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