Damp Proofing Membrane (DPM): What is it, and why you need it

Many properties face extensive damage, require pricey repairs, and suffer a shortened lifespan because of one fundamental reason: moisture.

Keeping moisture from soaking through your floors is an essential step that will spare you time, money, and trouble in the long run.

The good news is: there is an effortless way to do this. It is called a damp proofing membrane, and the crew of Birmingham Floors is here to land you a helping hand with it.


What is a Damp Proofing Membrane (DPM)?

A Damp Proofing Membrane (DPM) is a moisture control barrier installed between the subfloor and the chosen floor covering. Its purpose is to stop moisture from penetrating the area and thus prolonging its expected lifespan.

DPM can be installed under any type of floor covering, including wood, ceramic, or quartz tiles, carpets, laminated floors, safety floors, etc.

In most cases, DPM is made of durable polyethylene sheeting that prohibits moisture through capillary action. The installation is recommended for all types of areas and all types of properties.

What are the benefits of DPM?

The precious advantages of installing a quality damp proofing membrane (DPM) can be summed up as follows:

Sounds promising, does it not?

Birmingham floors offer quick, adept, and reliable DPM installation that guarantees an excellent price-quality balance.


What types of properties and areas can benefit from DPM?

DPM is a game-changer for all types of spaces regardless of their type, size, and purpose. Some of the properties that can significantly benefit from our professional Birmingham DPM installation include:

All you need to do is choose a reliable service provider to install your DPM and enjoy all the astonishing results in the decades to come!

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