Solid Oak or Engineered Hardwood? Get to know the details before making your choice.


Wooden floors are such a timeless classic, are they not?

Premium quality, a warm, homey feeling, and an unmatched appearance that can quickly level up your interior design – that’s what you get, and that’s what many people still prefer nowadays with so many alternatives on the market. 


You can choose between two different types of wooden flooring with Birmingham floors – solid oak floors and engineered hardwood. What are the differences between both, and what are the benefits of each option?


Learn all the essential details in the following brief paragraphs.


What is solid oak flooring?

Solid oak flooring is exactly what you imagine it to be – a hardwearing and premium quality flooring. It is definitely a masterpiece that looks amazing, feels naturally warm, and can stand the tests of time over and over again.


This is a premium quality flooring solution, and it is also rather high-priced compared to synthetic options. At the end of the day, though, it is almost always worth it.


Benefits of solid oak flooring

Solid oak flooring brings along a number of benefits, such as:

Last but not least – natural oak flooring simply looks gorgeous. It can produce the wow effect you’ve been looking for all along in both your home and your office.


What is engineered hardwood flooring?

Engineered hardwood is a budget-friendly alternative to natural oak flooring. It comprises a base layer made of wood waste, much like laminate flooring, and a finishing layer made of natural wood.


The final result? A floor that looks just like solid oak but still keeps a user-friendly price, accessible for all.


Benefits of engineered hardwood flooring

When it comes to the benefits of engineered hardwood flooring, we can mention the following:

Are you going for flawless looks? You can’t go wrong with either of the options mentioned above.


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