Floor levelling 

Self-leveling compounds (screeds) are a very fast and safe solution for smooth levelling surface with not very different floor level.

Another advantage of ready-made self-leveling compound is their resistance to mechanical impact.

But to achieve a good end result, the condition of the flooring surface is very important.

With good preparation and condition of the flooring base can save time, materials and nerves in the application of subsequent coatings.

 It must be dry – or more precisely its humidity is within acceptable limits.

What could be obtained after applying self-leveling compound on a base with high humidity, although taking into all the requirements and recommendations of the manufacturer to work with this material?

The moisture left in the base under the pavement necessarily goes up to the surface.

This causes wetting and deformation of the flooring.

Deformation can occur even with ceramic coatings – cracking of the joints and peeling of the tiles themselves.

Once the subfloor has acceptable moisture and has been cleaned and dedusted, it can be primed (you do not need to use primer for Arditex NA product).

Priming is mandatory before applying self- levelling compound .

That is why primers are used, which penetrate deep into base and improve its adhesion to the next layer.

Benefits to the binding and strengthening properties, the primers strengthen the base.

Another task of the primer layer is the reduction and levelling of the absorbency.

The result of using a primer that meets all these requirements is to obtain a stabilized base with reduced and uniform absorption capacity and provide a strong bond between the close surfaces of different materials.

After the final drying of the primer, the self-levelling compound is applied, after the initial mixing of the mixture, it should be left to rest for some time for maturation and stirred again.

The spreading of the mixed compound, it should be left to rest for some time for maturation and stirred again.

The spreading of the mixed compound should be done within 20 minutes.

When delayed, the mixture begins to harden and self-leveling becomes impossible.

The thickness of the layer is from 1 to 10mm.

for different levelling compound  this layer thickness is different.

The use of special devices and devices facilitates the work and provides a perfectly smooth surface.

 The hardening of the self-leveling screed depends mostly on the atmospheric conditions.

In order to avoid the negative consequences of rapid drying, the surface must be protected from direct sunlight and drafts, to bear after a minimum of 24 hours, depending on the thickness of the self- levelling compound.

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