Amtico LVT floors: get to know them before you get to love them


LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiling) is a modern flooring solution widely recognized both in Birmingham and all over the UK. The reasons behind that fact are rather solid, practical, and proven by both the niche experts and the final users.


What is LVT, what are Amtico LVT flooring’s unique advantages, and where does this type of covering belong?

Learn everything you need to know, explained by the expert team of Birmingham Floors.

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LVT flooring: essence and benefits

Essentially, LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiling) is a synthetic kind of flooring closely related to the classic vinyl floor. It aims to replicate natural materials’ looks in the closest way possible – these can be different-coloured woods or different-shaped stones.


Whatever suits your taste and works for your interior design idea – LVT can deliver it:

Are you re-considering your flooring plan already? Wait to hear about the pearl in the LVT crown – the astonishing and one of a kind Amtico LVT floors.


Amtico LVT Floors: the looks and beyond

Amtico LVT floors are specially designed to present exquisite quality, the highest performance in any type of property, and the capacity to withstand heavy use without changing its initial looks or properties.

Amtico comprises hundreds and thousands of stone, wood, and abstract prints to choose from according to your needs, taste, and preferences.

It makes it widely applied throughout virtually any type of space – be it private, trading, administrative, or public.

Amtico LVT floors are also recognizable with their classy matte look that can complement the space with a smooth finish. At the same time, they are easy to install, easy to maintain, and require zero special care in the long run.


Where are Amtico LVT floors usually installed?

Some of the spaces where Amtico LVT floors fit as a glove include:


To enjoy all the benefits of professional Amtico LVT floor installation in Birmingham, you can always trust Birmingham Floors to deliver a first-class service: swift, dependable, and user-friendly. 


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