Trust a trader UK

Trust a trader UK

One of the most obvious changes you can make to your home is to renew what is under your feet. Whether you are replacing wood flooring or replacing a worn carpet, this is one of the best ways to renovate your home.
As with any profession, this one also requires specific skills and experience, so it is essential to find the right installer for your project. Here are our tips to make the right choice:

1 Check out their experience

2 See what other qualifications they have

Make sure you are comfortable working with them

4 Take a few offers and make sure all costs are included

5 Agree on a payment contract plan

Check for follow-up if necessary


Let’s look at each of these tips in more detail:

Check out their experience

Replacing the flooring is a relatively slight change compared to other repairs. However, this does not mean that specific skills or knowledge are not required, especially when it comes to Wooden Flooring, Luxury Vinyl Tiles or Safety Flooring . The issue of selecting a specialist to perform this work should not be overlooked. 

Some are specialists in a specific type of flooring, such as wooden floors. Other retailers will offer a range of different floorings – carpets, wooden floors, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring. 

It is vital to check the opinions and recommendations of each flooring contractor  you meet. There are several ways you can do this. One of them is to read information revues from google or yell.com  which allows previous clients to leave opinions about their experience with this contractor. When you meet them, they should show you a portfolio with photos of previous objects. You could contact their previous customers who can give a personal opinion.

The advantage is that when hiring a flooring specialist, you will receive advice on the materials. Although it is possible to buy materials from stores or online and then hire an installer, all the experts we spoke to recommend that you contact the floor installer first before making purchases.

See what other qualifications they have

In addition to checking the feedback on them, do not hesitate to ask for additional qualifications, how much time they have experience in business or how they would approach their work on your project. You can find out if the trader is a member of any trade associations.

Membership in a body is a good indicator that the trader is competent and meets certain standards, but this is not a mandatory requirement.

Make sure you are comfortable working with them

In addition to being competent, you need to consider how relaxed you feel about working with them. You can find out from the first contact with them: are they kind on the phone, do they arrive for meetings at the agreed time?

Most floor replacement sites may not take much time, but you still need to have good professional communication and feel good when talking about any concerns that may arise.

 Take a few offers and make sure all costs are included

It is important to get a full offer before starting work. The details and scope of their proposals can tell you a lot about the planned process. If you receive multiple offers, it is important to make sure that all price offers are structured in a similar way and include materials, labor and VAT. The only way to accurately compare prices is if you are comparing relevant positions.

There are two specific issues to consider when installing new flooring, and that is removing the furniture for the duration of the repair and returning it, as well as disposing of any previous flooring that is being removed. Some installers may want you to clean each room you work in, but others will do it for you. Although they may charge a fee for this service. Others may request that all old flooring, such as wood or linoleum, be removed before they come to install the new floor, but others will do it for you. Since a waste removal and disposal fee must be paid, this price amount will be passed on to you, so make sure it is included in the offer.

If you have a larger site and look at several offers, it will be easier to notice the one that is unrealistically cheap. If this is the case, it may be a sign for a trader who wants to win the job, but will add to the agreed value, additional costs.

  Agree on a payment contract plan

Once you have approved a price through an accurate written offer, make sure you have a payment plan that is convenient for you.

A full prepayment is not a standard request. Usually flooring installers do not expect an advance, although this may depend on the scale of the work,  if you have to buy flooring through them, you may have to prepay this amount in advance to cover part of the cost and to protect against losses. Many merchants would prefer cash payment, but most would also accept bank transfers, which allows you to maintain a better record of the transaction.

Check for follow-up if necessary 

Flooring work should be relatively uncomplicated, but in the case of wooden floors, especially solid wood floors, reclaimed wood, LVT or safety flooring there may be a need for follow-up care to deal with problems or changes in weather that may result of changing temperatures and humidity. It is always worth checking whether the selected retailer offers after-sales service or will be “online” after the completion of the site, in case you have any questions or need follow-up.