Floor Levelling Service By Birmingham Floors

Floor Levelling Service By Birmingham Floors

Posted on: 15 Dec 2023 By: Stoyan

Floor leveling services involve the process of ensuring that a floor surface is flat and even, eliminating any irregularities or discrepancies in its level. Here’s an overview of what’s typically involved in floor leveling:

1. Assessment:

  • A professional will assess the floor to determine the extent of the unevenness or dips. This involves checking for high and low spots across the surface.

2. Surface Preparation:

  • The surface needs to be clean, free of debris, and dry before any leveling compound is applied. Any loose material or existing flooring might need to be removed.

3. Leveling Compound Application:

  • A self-leveling compound or material is poured onto the floor surface. This compound spreads out and settles into low areas to create a smooth, level surface.

4. Spreading and Leveling:

  • The compound is spread and leveled using specialized tools. This ensures an even distribution and proper leveling across the entire floor area.

5. Drying and Curing:

  • The compound requires time to dry and cure. The duration varies depending on the product used, environmental conditions, and the thickness of the application.

6. Final Check and Finish:

  • Once the compound is dried and cured, a final check is done to ensure the floor is level. If needed, minor touch-ups or additional leveling may be performed.

7. Flooring Installation:

  • After the floor is properly leveled, it’s ready for the installation of the chosen flooring material, whether it’s tiles, hardwood, laminate, or another type of flooring.

It’s crucial to hire experienced professionals for floor leveling to ensure the job is done accurately and effectively. They’ll have the expertise and tools necessary to achieve a smooth and level surface. Additionally, the type of leveling compound used may vary based on the specific needs of the floor (e.g., cementitious compounds, gypsum-based products).

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