Why Choose SPE STR 701

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Why Choose SPE STR 701

By: Ant


While building your houses and floors, you will always need rotating floor machines. It would be best if you had these machines to prepare the floor, tiles, and grinding. Rotating machines are straightforward to use and are multi-purpose floor preparation units. 

Keep reading this article if you are looking for something simple, safe, comfortable to use, and low in price. We have an excellent product for you, i.e. SPE STR 701. You must be curious to know some of the features of this machine.

SPE STR 701 Features

The product has many features. A few of the most prominent ones are as follows:

  • Multi-purpose
  • Dust-free
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Maintenance-free
  • Low noise
  • Low vibration
  • Safety Start Mechanism
  • Multi-purpose and versatile floor preparation unit
  • Wide range of tungsten carbide, silicon carbide disc blanks, and brushes

Uses of SPE STR 701

Now we will talk about different uses of SPE STR 701. This is where it can help us. So, the following are the primary uses of this machine:

  • Cleaning Block Paving

SPE STR 701 can be used for the removal of weeds, moss, and debris from hard surfaces without chemicals or water. The machine floor grinding has a jockey wheel underneath the brush allowing height adjustment of the bristles for deep or soft cleaning.

  • Texturing Concrete to Remove Laitance

If you are facing the problem of laitance, then don’t worry and bring SPE STR 701. By scrabbling, grinding, and rubbing, all the laitance can be removed from the concrete.  Thus, concrete floor sanding can also be done by it. 

  • Clean and Prepare the Surface before Coating

There can be dust on the surface, or it may be dirty, but this machine will clean the body and prepare it well for the coating. 

  • Removal of Plaster

The product can also help you remove the previous plaster if you want to get a whole new plaster and remove the previous one. Machine floor levelling sanding can also be removed for you with this machine.

  • Clean and Texture Wood

The SPE STR 701 machine can also be used for cleaning and texturing the wood. The machine floor preparation for luxury vinyl tiles besides preparing tiles also helps you texture the wood. 

  • Grinding Down Joints

We know that these machines are specifically designed to be used in grinding. It has got some excellent parts which help you in grinding down the joints. 

  • Remedial Work on Rain and Frost-Damaged Slabs

If rain falls on the slab, then it gets cracked. In order to get slabs, this machine can do the remedial work. You will get shiny new slabs. 


Wherever you are in this world, there will always be a need for a floor rotating machine. There are many options in the market. However, SPE STR 701 is our recommended choice due to its unique features and exceptional benefits.

We have provided you with all the features and uses of SPE STR 701. It is straightforward and comfortable to use, and the price is within reach. It helps you with almost everything related to floors, tiles, slabs, and a few more.

What are you waiting for? Indeed, this article has provided you with enough information about SPE STR 701 machine. You can trust this machine, and without thinking about anything else you can go for it. Thanks for reading and goodbye!

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