Machine Removal Laitance of Screed Service Birmingham


Machine Removal Laitance of Screed Service Birmingham

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Laitance removal 

Before you lay tiles or any other finishes on the calcium sulfate screed, you may want to consider an important step called the laitance removal process. You must remove this laitance for preventing any other problems that may occur during the tile layering procedure. Laitance is a layer of fine particles that are going to be deposited on the surface of the screed. This layer will be too weak for the tiles and it will slow down the drying time. You can read this page for learning about how you can remove laitance from your floor completely. 

Laitance should be removed by using the light abrasion method. You can use a suitable sanding machine for doing the laitance removal procedure easily. It is recommended for you to do this procedure at least 7 – 14 days after you install the screed on the property. When you use this procedure correctly, you can also dry the screed immediately because it will allow the moisture to escape from the screed. After you know the procedure of the laitance removal, you may want to find the best equipment for doing this procedure. You have to select the best machine for removing the laitance from the screed effectively. 


If you are looking for the best device for removing laitance from your floor, you can consider using this tool. SPE STR 701 is one of the best rotary machines on the market today. This machine can offer total reliability for most users. The manufacturer of this product has more than 15 years of experience in the flooring industry. 

Some popular features are offered by this SPE STR 701 machine, including diamond attachments, silicon carbide attachments, tungsten carbide, and some brushes. The combination of these tools will help you clean your floor easily. 

This STR 701 machine can be used in a dust-free system, especially when it is used with the S5026 dust extraction and also suitable vacuum. You can keep your area free from dust and any other unwanted materials. 

It is very convenient and comfortable for you to start using this SPE STR 701 today. This machine can offer low vibration and low noise performance, so you will never disturb other people when using this powerful machine. This stable and steady performance can also ensure to offer steady results for all users. 

When you take a look at this machine, you will find its safety start mechanism. It will help you operate this powerful device safely. You will never have to deal with any safety issues when using this STR 701 machine for removing laitance from your floor. 

It is recommended for you to read the manual instructions, so you can learn how you can remove laitance and operate this device safely. It also has thermal overload protection. When something bad occurs on the system, this safety feature will turn off the machine immediately. It will reduce the risk of fire in your home. 

There are a lot of benefits of using this machine. It can be used for many different applications, for example, cleaning block paving, texturing concrete for removing laitance, grinding down the joints, doing some remedial works for frost and rain damaged slabs, removing plaster, etc. 

You can use this machine for doing any of your projects easily. This is one of the best machines for refurbishing and also renovate any of your properties. It is very easy for you to use this powerful machine. This maintenance-free machine allows you to operate this machine without having to worry about how to maintain the quality and performance of this unit. 

When you have some issues with any parts of this device, you can always call us at any time you want. Our professional experts will come to your place for fixing any issues with your machine. We have complete spare parts for this STR 701 machine. Therefore, you will never have to worry about the overall performance of this machine, especially when you want to use this machine for a long time. This device is recommended for you who don’t want to deal with any complicated maintenance procedures for taking care of this machine. It can be used to remove laitance on your project area quickly and easily.  

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